Leaf On a Windy Day

by Kevin Adams with Dave Makins

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Turpin Hero 02:41
Turpin Hero Turpin he was riding across Ramsey Moor, Saw a lawyer a-riding before, He says Old gentleman don't you feel afraid. For to meet bold Turpin, the mischievious blade? With my hero, Turpin was a hero He was a valious Turpin-O. Said Turpin to the lawyer, Let us be so 'cute, And put our money into our boot, Oh no, said the lawyer, I've made sure of mine, For I've got it sewn up in my coat cape behind. So they rode till they came to the foot of the hill, Said Turpin to the lawyer, You must stand still, For my horse is in want of a new saddle cloth, And I very much do fear that your coat cape must come off And when I have robbed you of all of your store You know well where you can get more, And at every town that you do come in, You can tell them you've been robbéd by the bold Turpin. Turpin he was tried, in prison he was cast For shooting a gamecock hung at last, Five hundred pounds that he had laid by For to pay Jack Ketch his salary so high.
It's of a brisk young sailor and he apprentice bound And she a merchant's daughter with fifty thousand pound. They loved each other dearly in sorrow and in joy- Let him do what he will, he's my love still, He's my bonny lighter boy. 'Twas in my father's garden beneath the willow tree, He took me in his arms and he used me gentily. Down on the ground we both sat down and talked of love and joy. Let him do what he will, he's my love still, He's my bonny lighter boy. Now her father he being near her, he heard what she did say. He says: You unruly daughter, I'll send him far away; On board a ship I will him send, I'll rob you of your joy. Send him where you will, he's my love still, He's my bonny lighter boy.
Old Bill The Carthorse Paul Clark Now look at who's here - why it's Old Bill the Carthorse Plodding along up the street Look at him stumble, you'd think he might tumble He’s the strangest old horse that you're likely to meet He's almost asleep on his feet. Now everyone knows he's slow motion itself When he's plodding up any old hill But when he comes down London Road to the town Why it's two hooves together and slide with a will An equine toboggan is Bill. Now building a business is lots of hard work But it's great with Old Bill at your side. When you're hawking and selling there just aint no telling Who'll nick a few bits - but Old Bill has them spied. And he takes a good nip of their hide. He can be a right tell tale the rotten old sod, If you stop in the pub for a few He'll mosey on home - all on his own You can have a good guess what the missus will do When you come home - she'll land one or two. Now I’ve sung you the story of Old Bill the Carthorse And all the strange things he could do. People swear blind he was one of a kind- But you just start to wonder can all that be true? So I leave that judgement to you.
The Blacksmith I am a blacksmith by my trade, From London I came down; I am an obstinate swaggering blade, Not like some country clown. For my anvil it so cheerfully rings, My bellows do swiftly blow, My fire shall beat my irons so hot, And unto work we go, boys, go And unto work we go Our master is fair, but cross him who dares He don’t like a lad who will shirk And come pay-day we'll hear him say Young man I am pleased with your work We work the week by the strength of our arm Come Saturday night we are free To have some good cheer, our tobacco and beer That's when we go out on the spree, boys, spree - That's when we go out on the spree. Sometimes I’ve got money inside of my purse, Sometimes I am without, But I am none the worse for that, Can work for more, no doubt. For my anvil it so cheerfully rings, My bellows do swiftly blow, My fire shall beat my irons so hot, And unto work we go, boys, go- And unto work we go.
'Til I Die 02:34
Slipjazz 04:22
The Chaps of Cocaigny O the chaps of Cocaigny they are stout roving blades And when they get in company with the sweet pretty maids They will kiss them and court them and swear they'll be true And the very next moment they will go and leave you. Cocaigny is a fine town, it shines where it stands And the more I think upon it the more my heart burns If I was at Cocaigny I should think myself at home For there we get sweethearts but here we get none. His eyes are black as Cocaigny's black coal Which through my poor bosom has burned a big hole They will kiss you and court you and tell you as many lies As the hairs upon your head, my love, or the stars in the skies.
THE FLIES CRAWLED UP THE WINDOW Oh the flies crawl up the window, it's all they have to do, They crawl up in their thousands, and they come down two by two The flies crawled up the window, they say, "We love to roam, So once more up the window, and then we'll all go home." Oh the flies crawled up the window, they said, "Let's have a race!" We backed a fly called Oswald, to win and for a place. At five to one he started, and he soon got in his stride, Then he started crawling sideways, and he got disqualified. The flies crawl up the window, in sunshine and in rain. They do not seek for pleasure, they much prefer the pane. And if those flies annoy you, here's what I advise- Don't have any windows, and then you won't have any flies.
The Dragoon and the Lady My father he's a knight and a knight of high renown If I should wed a soldier it would bring his honour down. It's your birth and my birth they never will agree, So take it as a warning, my bold dragoon cried she. No warning, no warning, no warning will I take I'd rather die than live for my own true lover's sake The lady heard these words and they made her heart to bleed. So to church they went together and married were with speed. In going up to church and in coming back again The lady spied her father with seven armed men Look yonder, cried the lady, for we shall both be slain For yonder comes my father with seven armed men. There is no time to prittle, there is no time to prattle The soldier being all armed he prepared himself for battle. The soldier with his broadsword he made their bones to rattle And the lady held the horse while he drove them back like cattle. O stay your hand, O stay your hand, the lady's father cried, For you shall have my daughter and ten thousand pounds beside. Fight on, cried the lady, the portion is too small. Fight on, my bold dragoon, and you shall surely have it all. Come all you honoured ladies that have got gold in store Pray not despise a soldier although he may be poor, For they are men of honour belonging to the crown Here's a health to Queen Victoria and her jolly light dragoon.
O Come all you wild young men A warning take by me And never lead your single life astray Into bad company As I myself have done 'Twas in the merry month of May When I was pressed by a sea captain On board a man of war I was sent We sailed the ocean so wide And our bonny flag so handsome it flew But at every evening at the setting of the sun My Polly I did think of you. With three ships to our every one The enemy we did espy Let every man stand true to his gun For the Lord knows who must die. Our Captain got wounded full sore And so did the rest of his men And our main mast rigging got scattered on board So that we were obliged to give in. Our decks were all spattered with blood And so loudly the cannons they did roar And thousands of times have I wished meself at home All along with me Polly on the shore. She's a tall and a slender young girl She's a dark and a roving eye And now here am I lying bleeding on the deck And for her sweet sake I will die. Here's adieu to me father and me friends Likewise my dear old mother too. I never should have crossed the salt sea so wide If I had've been ruled by you.
The Ghost of Passenham Mill by Rod Hall I come and wait each night beside the weir But no-one see me standing there My boots are buttoned and my hair is brown Just like the colour of my gown My babe lies sleeping on his mother’s breast And I hold him near, I hold him tenderly I know no rest, I know no rest And at the field gate when the day is done I do not lack for anyone No lamplight glow for me, no fireside bright No lover’s kisses in the night And when the church bell rings and prayers are said For the shepherd, then I bow my head I never cry, I never cry I lift my skirts and step into the pool The moon withdraws behind a cloud The reeds are whispering and the air is cool The water wraps me like a shroud So if you see a shadow fleeting by Don’t be afraid, and don’t turn away It’s only me, It’s only me, It’s only me, It’s only Nancy
The Shepherd and His Fife A pretty young shepherd kept sheep on the mountain With his fife and his reed o he blew them so clear With his fife and his reed O he blew them so clearly His sweet equal voice made young Sally appear. Said Jimmy to Sally let us go a-walking Down in those gay meadows to take some fresh air, Where the lambs they are playing and with my love straying, The small birds sing sweet through the valleys so clear. Fare thee well, my young shepherd, now since I must leave you, For the night is approaching, and I must be gone. My father will chide me, so cruel prove to me If by chance I should stay with my shepherd too long. Then Jimmy and Sally were joinéd together, They lived in a cottage contented to be. They never once vexéd no nor never once grievéd But it was their whole study each other to please.
Whitstable, 1975 The sun she's in the sky, the day's set fair and dry The clouds have all rolled by, so glad I came. The sea is deepest blue, haze distorts the view, I know there's things to do, but all the same... Shall I go or shall I stay? Shall I waste this golden day? No, I'll let the tide come in and wash my cares away. There's boats out in the Swale with no breeze for to sail, But they never seem to fail to reach the shore When opening time comes round they'll all be homeward bound You'll find them hard aground outside the pub door. The Isle of Sheppey seems like a land of golden dreams Just the place for desert island discs Coral reefs and pearls and hula hula girls, I'd swim it but I don't like taking risks. Now the sun begins to set I haven't left here yet How lazy can you get? I couldn't say I think I'll stay right here and watch the stars appear And contemplate a beer to end the day.


Back to the folk tradition, and more tracks based on demos and unfinished projects made before I lost the means to play my instruments. My original audio has been used where possible, supplemented with new vocals and embellished by multi-instrumentalist Dave Makins.


released January 2, 2019

Big thanks to Dave Makins www.kevadams.co.uk/DaveMakins/

Thanks to Andreas Sumerauer, Embertone, Ivy Audio, Native Instruments, Orange Tree Samples, Realitone, Soniccouture, Spitfire Audio and Strezov Sampling.


all rights reserved



Kevin Adams Milton Keynes, UK

Blending traditional folk music with a love of other genres- classical, jazz, folk-rock, prog-rock, pop… music, music, music…

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